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Bilingual (Spanish and English)

Call Us Today!
Bilingual (Spanish and English)

You’re Invited to a FREE Medicare Class! Dinner Is On Us!

Turning 65 soon? Coming off a group plan? You and age appropriate guests are invited to attend a FREE Medicare class to learn more about Medicare. The Medicare process can be confusing, but our agents have the knowledge and proven strategies to help you make the right decisions.

What You’ll Learn

  • Medicare eligibility and enrollment
  • How to apply for coverage
  • Benefits of Medicare Parts A and B
  • Medicare Advantage explained
  • Medicare Part D explained
  • Differences in Med Sup plans
  • And more

Bring a Medicare Eligible friend on us!

Choose the Most Convenient Event for You!

If you’re not comfortable attending a class/dinner event yet, no worries. You can call 1-888-828-4060 to request a FREE phone consultation. Otherwise, we hope to see you there!

Thank You For Visiting

Medicare isn’t always easy to understand. That’s where R&R Insurance comes in. We can help you understand the program from top to bottom.