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Apply For Medicare

If you want to enroll in Medicare, you will need to submit an application first. The application process varies from person to person, but for most, it should be simple to determine your eligibility and apply. Here is how you can apply for Medicare benefits today.

Get Part A and Part B Benefits

To get Part A and B benefits, you may need to sign up with Medicare by contacting Social Security. This can be done online, over the phone, or in person at your local Social Security office. An insurance agent can also help guide you through the application process.

Some people are eligible to start receiving Part A and Part B Medicare benefits automatically, while other people will need to actively apply for them. The difference often hinges on whether the applicant is currently receiving Social Security or Railroad Retirement Board benefits.

For example, people who are receiving Social Security or Railroad Retirement Board benefits at least 4 months before they turn age 65 will be automatically accepted into the Medicare program on the first day of the month they turn 65. People in this situation won’t need to sign up or apply, as they are already eligible, though they will need to manage their benefits and decide whether they would like to enroll in Part C or Part D coverage.

Get Part C, Medicare Advantage

If you are unsatisfied with the basic benefits offered by Part A and Part B (Original Medicare), you can choose to add a Medicare Advantage plan. Advantage plans are Medicare plans that are offered by private insurance companies. While they are required to offer the same benefits as Original Medicare at a minimum, they can also be packed with supplemental benefits that can be attractive to Medicare beneficiaries.

To apply for an Advantage plan, you will need to be eligible for Medicare and wait for an enrollment period to begin. Once an enrollment period starts, you can apply for any Medicare Advantage plan you like. Not all Advantage plans work the same way, so be sure to read up on your preferred plan’s rules and costs.

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Get Part D, Prescription Drug Coverage

Original Medicare does not include prescription drug coverage, however, it can be added as either a standalone plan, or it might be included in a Medicare Advantage plan. While having Part D coverage is not mandatory, it is encouraged to avoid late enrollment penalties later on. To be eligible for Part D, a person must have either Part A and/or Part B, and live in the plan’s service area. Plans vary in cost and what prescriptions are covered by the insurance carrier offering them.

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