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How Does Medicare Advantage Work

Original Medicare consists of two parts, Part A hospital insurance and Part B medical insurance. These benefits are enough for some Medicare beneficiaries, but others desire more control over their benefits. For them, Medicare Advantage may be a better option.

What Is Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Advantage plans are Medicare plans that are offered via private insurance companies that have contracted with Social Security to provide Medicare enrollees with their Part A and B benefits. Medicare Advantage plans offer, at a minimum, the same benefits as Original Medicare, but they often have additional benefits included as well.

Medicare Advantage Benefits

Medicare Advantage plans provide you with hospital insurance and medical insurance, but some may also include other desirable benefits. For example, many plans include prescription drug coverage, which Original Medicare enrollees would have to acquire through Part D of the Medicare program. Other potential benefits include dental, vision, and hearing coverage, as well as meal delivery service and transportation to and from hospitals.

However, do keep in mind that each plan and its benefits vary.

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Medicare Advantage Costs

The cost of Medicare Advantage plans varies depending on the insurance provider, plan type, and benefits offered. To determine how much Medicare Advantage plans cost in your area, you will need to shop around and gather quotes. An insurance agent can be extremely helpful in this effort.

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