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Health Insurance

Health insurance offers financial security in the event you accrue expensive medical bills because of a serious illness or accident. By having a health insurance policy in place, you are taking extra precautions to ensure that no large sums of money will be coming out of your pocket.

To obtain health insurance, you may be able to receive it through your employer. However, if you do not have this option or if you do and would like to increase your coverage with another policy, you have the option to enroll with a different insurance company.

Group Health

Just as previously mentioned above, you can obtain health insurance through your employer. This is commonly known as group health insurance as the premiums are dispersed across different policyholders. For a group health plan to be valid, there must be at least 70% participation. These plans are only purchased by groups, meaning that individuals cannot purchase coverage through the select plan.

Because the premiums and coverage are dispersed across numerous policyholders, a group health plan is typically cheaper than an individual health plan.

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Individual health, also known as private health insurance, is meant for individuals who do not not have employer-based coverage. Unlike group health insurance where premiums are dispersed among different policyholders resulting in lower premiums, you will be expected to pay the full monthly premium of your policy to receive coverage. However, there are different options with different prices that are available; it just ultimately depends on your exact coverage needs.

An individual health plan may be right for you if you are:

  • 26 or older
  • Unemployed
  • A part-time employee
  • Self-employed
  • A business owner
  • Retired
  • Dropped by your other insurance

If you are unsure of which health insurance plan may be right for you, give Rothrock Insurance Solutions a call today.