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Is Final Expense Worth It

Final expense insurance is a light form of life insurance that offers smaller death benefits than whole, term, and universal life insurance plans. Whether or not final expense insurance makes sense for you depends on a number of factors. Here is what you need to think about before buying final expense insurance.

Do You Need Final Expense Coverage?

If you are wondering whether or not to invest in final expense insurance, consider your end-of-life expenses and how they will be covered. Many people have life insurance policies set up to pay their families a death benefit that can be used to cover any expenses associated with their death. If you don’t have life insurance currently, final expense is an affordable option you can use to ensure that your burial doesn’t negatively impact your family’s finances.

Even if you do have life insurance, final expense can be a good supplement to your current policy. If you allocate the death benefit of a final expense plan to your burial expenses and use the life insurance plan to replace your income after you pass, the arrangement should allow your family the most flexibility after your death. To determine if a final expense policy makes sense for you, work with an insurance professional.

Benefits of Final Expense Insurance

Final expense insurance has smaller death benefits than traditional life policies, but they typically provide enough of a payout to afford the average funeral. Final expense insurance is also easier to qualify for, making it a great option for people who were unable to qualify for other insurance options due to their current health condition. Keep in mind that the death benefit can be used to pay for anything, not just your funeral, therefore final expense insurance can go a long way to keep your family financially secure.

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