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Average Funeral Costs

End-of-life costs often include medical bills and funeral expenses. Depending on what type of funeral you would like, the cost of the events can range into the tens of thousands. Life insurance policies and final expense insurance can help lower these costs, leaving your family with more money to replace your income. When choosing your life insurance plan, it helps to know how much your burial will cost.

Traditional Burial Average Costs

A traditional burial typically involves services like embalming and other preservation processes. You may also have a viewing if you so desire. Other things that may increase the cost are your choice of casket and other burial related products, such as burial vaults and grave liners. While the average funeral costs between $5,000 and $15,000, additional services and products can easily drive the price up by several thousand dollars.

Cremation Average Costs

Cremations are often cheaper than traditional burials, as there is less work required and you won’t need to purchase a casket. Ceremonial services, like viewing and visitation may increase costs, but direct cremations where none of these services occur are also an option. If you want the cheapest possible cremation, whole body donations include cremation for free, making them the most affordable end-of-life option available.

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Prepare For Funeral Expenses

Don’t let your family incur the full cost of your end-of-life expenses. Prepare in advance by purchasing final expense insurance or another life insurance policy. To get started with a quote, call Rothrock Insurance Solutions at 888-828-4060.